Sunday, 9 October 2016

Finish Along 2016 - Fourth Quarter Goal List

2016 FAL

Well, I can literally just copy my post from the third quarter goal list as I only finished one project in the third quarter.

Left to do:

 #1 WIP: A Field Guide - acquired the thread I was missing and also got myself some ruler templates to finish this off quicker. There really was not much of an excuse, other than that I really did not feel like this

 #2 WIP: Oriental Robert Kaufmann Fabric Quilt - No Name Yet!

Have made some progress on this one though

Using Cindy Needham's Ultimate Shape to just put some simple lines in the alternate shapes.

Did not feel like quilting this tightly as I like the crisp look of this. Almost finished with this and then will put maybe some feathers in the border

#3 WIP: Thousands Pyramids Quilt -  have about a gazillion more units to go...

On top of these I have three FMQ projects on the horizon however cannot include them as I have not actually started them
- Bethanne Nemesh' wall hanging: obtained this pattern from a class I did with Bethanne at the recent Machine Quilting Festival practising feathers the 'Bethanne' way. Do want to do this and have already fabric picked out, washed and ready to go.
- Silk Wholecloth: design ideas ready, stabiliser and thread purchased...just a matter to get going on that one
- Frilly Wholecloth: idea that came from doodling using Cindy Needham's Ultimate Shapes...looking forward to this.

I think I will end up doing my FMQ as I really enjoy that the most...always in conflict with the piecing side of things. Hopefully I will get at least two of the quilts on the list finished.

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  1. Good Luck on finishing your list.

  2. Love the colours in your Field Guide quilt, good luck with your list.


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