Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Taming The Beast

I finally knuckled down and attacked the basting of my 1000 Pyramids quilt. Was unsure exactly how I would do this, i.e. whether to spray baste or to pin paste. This quilt turned out a bit big, approx. 66in x 87in! I have done spray basting before and like it but have little room to do it and also was not a friend of the mess that it created around the basted piece (i.e. had to wash the floor twice as all that sticky stuff was spread out all over the place as I got it on my socks).

Anyway, decided against the spray basting as I am also not sure how I will quilt this and thought that it would be good to get a sense of how heavy and unruly this quilt was going to be.

So I followed my trusted 'crawling around the floor' method (yep, paid for that the next day with a very sore back).
Lucky, I was by myself as there was no space left to walk around anywhere. I pin basted it very tightly as I did not want to risk any shifting or distortion as I am not going to stitch-in-the-ditch (that much I know).
I then took it to the HQ Sweet 16 and had some fun using the inbuild basting stitch (at 1/2 sec) and noodled around the pins, taking about half of them out as I went along. This went surprisingly fast and secured the quilt even more. The handling was not as bad as I thought it would be as I do have a fair amount of space around me, i.e. one extension to the left and on the right I have my cutting table, so it was just a matter of laying it out properly.

Still don't know exactly what to do...am tempted to try to do the Baptist fan with the rulers...would look lovely on that but just not sure whether this would become too difficult given it's size.

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  1. Wonderful quilt! So colorful and cheerful! Have you tried putting a much larger old sheet under the quilt when spray basting, might catch most of the excess spray and not leave your floor so sticky? Altho' I'm not sure a quilt sandwich that big would keep together just with spray basting?! 'hope your back feels better!

    1. Good idea...did not even occur to me !

  2. Love your quilt. Baptist fans would look fabulous on this top. Have you ever tried free hand baptist fans? They are not hard. I call mine organic lol as they are not perfect.

    1. No, never tried them freehand, I.e. not at the size I want. Thinking of doing them about 6in and would not be able to keep that remotely consistent. Have made a start with the rulers...yep, a bit difficult!

  3. Beautiful! I have always wanted to make a 1000 pyramid quilt. I look forward to seeing how you quilt it. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!


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