Sunday 30 September 2018

Another Ruler Practice Quilt

Constructed a cute little ruler practice quilt out of Hoffman Bali Snaps that I acquired in one of those Flash sales from the Fat Quarter Shop.
Will attach a border with some leftover corner stones and this is done.

Had the hardest time sorting the colour graduation and think I might have ended up with one of the reds in the wrong spot, but so be it. Piecing this should have been extraordinarily easy but I struggled in the first row aligning the sashing until I remembered how to do it properly. So out of practice with my piecing!

This is for the Handiquilter Ruler of the Month Club 3 and in the borders I am going to trial my new Cindy Needham Border Stencils. Some of the rulers that we are going to get are going to be a bit big for this. Just had a look today on their website and saw that the Starflower ruler is quite big, so I am not sure how I will incorporate this, maybe do just half a flower in one of the squares...have not really thought this through and will just stitch away, I reckon, and see what happens. Just a bit of fun, combined with some practice in how to hold and stitch against the new rulers.


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  1. Looking forward to your progress! I always love to see what you're up to. Your practice piece looks so nice even without the quilting!


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