Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Just For Fun

Today I played around with the new 3in HQ Square ruler. Did not use it that much as yet as I had to wait to exchange the one I got in the Ruler Club. If you look at the bottom left side, mine was a bit mis-cut as if the cutting machine missed the corner. Since then I picked up the replacement.
I should really be doing something else today, but this is what I ended up with.
The lines were done with the 1/4in HQ Line Grid ruler and as I discovered the other day, it has a 1/8in line scored on it on either side of the gap. So, had to try how useful this would be, so set about doing 1/8in spacing. Worked really well for me other than the fact that I was doing it on white fabric and sometimes could not see my lines. Overall though, nice and straight and somewhat consistent. Useful when you have those spaces that are too large to do neatly freehand.
The 3in Square ruler was handy...I liked the way I could echo my box with the outside of the ruler while I was there and was happy with the look of the echoes. Either I am getting better at this or this ruler is particularly good. 

Enough playing for now and back to my designing nightmare! (Struggling at the moment with my resurrected UFO and have been reminded that there was a reason why it became a UFO)


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