Sunday, 30 June 2019

Mission Accomplished!

My machine has come back from service and I have finally been able to set myself up properly. Decided in the end to get the right extension flap for the table. Initially when I bought the machine I only got the extension to the left, obviously to save some money. However over time I was not unhappy with the arrangement but knew it could be better.
So this is what this looks like now
 Absolutely fabulous!!! Very happy with the set up. Gives me heaps more room on my cutting table and I know the space to the right will be heaven when quilting a bigger quilt. I thought it would be a hassle fitting the right flap on once the table was already set up, but it turned out super easy and quick. I also lifted my table up a bit after having done some more research on table heights. It now sits at 74cm.
In addition, I finally tackled the table surface and the annoying issue of the machine (needle plate) being slightly higher than the table insert . We are not talking by much, however it did create a minor annoying issue when using rulers. In certain positions your ruler would wobble a bit. I got replacement feet from the dealer. Basically they are like 'sticky dots' in 3 different sizes. You take the original feet off and attach these sticky dot feet to lower your machine.
Over the moon. I now have the overlay in perfect alignment with the needle plate. I cover the needle plate with the supreme slider and the ruler now sits nice and straight against the foot, no more wobble!
Will have to be more careful though...the technician lowered my foot a fraction, saying that it was a tad too high. I am currently looking at maybe getting the Clarity Ruler foot from Accents by Design for midarm machines, depending on whether the profile of that foot is a bit higher. Could get the Sure foot, but that would further restrict visibility.
The machine runs perfectly...obviously needed a spa treatment. Sounds completely different...

Now I only need to finish my quilt top to actually have something to quilt. Although I will have to also continue on my HQ group's challenge quilt...I am having a few weeks off work from next week, so hopefully I can get some things finished.


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