Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Re-Thinking The Sewing Room

I had a delay with my HQ Sweet 16 going for will now go in the middle of this month. Not sure whether this prompted me to re-think my sewing room, but that is what's happening at the moment. I have not been entirely happy with my set up.
This is how the Sweet 16 is situated
See the gap between the cutting table and the Sweet 16 table...initially I had this at the same height, which was brilliant for the Sweet 16 but unworkable for the cutting table. Was doing my back in as the table was too low. I am thinking about getting the right extension flap for the Sweet 16. Probably should have done this when I first got the machine, but thought I could save some money. If I get the right extension the whole wall will be taken up with Sweet 16 and cutting table, in fact the cutting table would have to go right into the corner and .the right edge would be somewhat less accessible... there is a shelf right next to it. All a bit messy and cramped but I need that shelf with all my stuff!
On the opposite wall is my Pfaff machine...I have a Horn sewing cabinet (Outback)
Fully assembled it looks like this
Outback MKII and Extension Table
Image from Horn Sewing Furniture
The dimension is approx. 165cmx120cm. This has been absolutely great for many years, however now that I am using the Sweet 16 for all my FMQ my time on the Pfaff is limited to sewing my piecing together. Having it in the room limited my floor space and the extensions to the back served mainly as a rubbish dump for all sorts of bitses and pieces...again, all very messy.

So on the weekend we took the extension off, but left the flap to the back which neatly folds down
If I need it, then all I have to do is pull the cabinet to the middle of the room and lift the flap.

Created heaps more floor space this way which I seem to need when I am putting a quilt together
Not finished with my re-think of the room, but it's a start. Really need to create more order and functionality. If I get the right extension for the Sweet 16 then it will only have to move over by about 20cm as the cutting table is not exactly in the corner. Good thing is that the extensions can be folded down, so I do not necessarily have to have it up on the left all the time, allowing plenty of room for window cleaning (😂 as if that is going to happen!).

Will have to think further on this as these extension flaps are not exactly cheap.


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  1. Is the Sweet 16 and the Horn cabinet the same height? If so, can you configure your space so the 16 can borrow space from the Horn when you are using it? I try to butt my machines up to a table, either adjacent or across, (but I usually have large spaces) in the past I butted the machines up, to borrow space when needed. I currently have a dining room table slightly larger than a card table between 2 sewing machines. Nothing ever falls on the floor anymore!


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