Sunday, 26 January 2020

Quilt Photography

How hard is it to photograph quilts!
Usually I  photograph my projects on our garden bench, however of late it has just been too sunny, so I had to come up with something different. First I had to wait for a day that was a bit overcast...not that easy in the Australian summer! To avoid the shadowing that I was getting on our garden bench, I went for a walk to use the bush setting around our area as a back drop
Nice, but not that clear

Garden bench?
Hmm...I might have to do another photo session


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  1. I find it extremely hard to get good photos of my quilts, esp of the full quilt. I don't seem to have a good spot in my house; outside wind & lighting are always an issue (plus, it's winter here!), not to mention I'm always worried it will get dirty. The iPhone 11 has been pretty helpful about some things but I really want to find a perfect spot that I can just clip up my quilts quickly, get the pics and go back to quilting!


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