Thursday 20 February 2020

Lana Lemur Quilt

The Lana Lemur quilt top is done!

I made the baby quilt version of the pattern. It measures 36in x 45in
Does not look like much now, but imagine this with some fancy FMQ in the background! It will be awesome, just need to wait for my Capri machine to arrive. I am thinking dense background quilting like pebbles and swirls (which I will probably regret once I start with that).
Also will jazz up the binding a bit, I think...maybe insert a strip of the orange in there to give it a bit of interest.

The lemurs were challenging to make...the face is made up of tiny pieces and you do need to concentrate a fair bit to get that right. My second lemur ended up a bit the eyes straighter and also the nose in exactly the right spot, but I must say, both times I was just about ready to give up when doing the face. Luckily, then comes the body which is fairly easy and you start seeing the end, so you press on.
Not sure whether I could make an entire quilt with just lemurs...on the upside, making another Fancy Fox quilt now appears like a piece of cake. The pieces are a bit bigger and the face of the fox is not that involved. Also have the Kitten quilt which is similar to the fox...definitely on my agenda (I seem to be going through a bit of an Elizabeth Hartman phase at the moment).


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