Tuesday 14 April 2020

Let's Do Some Ruler Work #7

Just when I thought that I had to wait several months for the new machine, she arrived...the Handiquilter Capri machine!

Now, this was very exciting and I have not done a lot, other than playing and more playing. Had several rulers that were new to the collection and also a new foot for the machine that I had not yet tried. The machine has got stitch regulation, something I have never really tried before and yes, it is very different. Initially, this was completely weird and very unfamiliar, however after the first day, I did get a bit of a sense on how this works. Yesterday then, I continued on the table runner...had several squares to complete and fill, doing them sometimes with and sometimes without stitch regulation. Basically, gave the machine a bit of a workout to see what she can do.
Now sometimes that worked really well and other times it got a bit sloppy, however was really happy to be doing the ribbon candy again on this machine. Somehow I am more used to be doing it on the bigger machine.

Then came the border...by now it was evening...was ready to give the stitch regulator a 'real' try using a very basic design (used Cindy Needham's Border stencils for this to pre-mark the border), just lines up and down, forming a nice diamond pattern.
This was very easy to do, using a small straight ruler, and the stitch regulator worked extremely well. I hardly had any build up in the points (which I usually get) and the stitches were consistent right to the point.
Was extremely impressed with this, even more so, as I had been lazy again and used a light thread in the bobbin...hardly any pokies! Echoed once more around this design to finish it off...I think this is it for this orphan piece, maybe one day I could fill the area around the diamonds, but not now...I have got several quilt tops that need doing.

What have you been working on?

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  1. Hi Karin, I really like your runner and the ruler work that you did around the border. I don't do much ruler work, but the next time that I do, I'll be sure to link up to your party! Take care.


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