Saturday, 10 October 2020

Re-organising Sewing Room Again!

Not a very interesting post, but it is time that I check in again. I am not quilting at all at the moment as I am planning to re-organise my sewing room. Somehow the set up that I have had for at least the last 3 years is just not working properly for me. I spent the last few days cleaning up and cleaning out. Amazing...all the little bits and pieces that I found! Not so amazing was the accumulation of dust and fluff just about everywhere.
Anyway, cleaned up my table in preparation to swap it over for a slightly smaller one...this one is  just too big for this room.
The white thing underneath is a very handy IKEA drawer unit where I keep all machine quilting related stuff. Unfortunately with it sitting under the table I frequently hit my knee on it as I am a bit boxed in through the shelf in my back. Finally had enough of that.
Then there is the sewing machine in its Horn table.
Does not look like much as it’s nicely folded up at the moment. When extended, it is quite big. Have been looking around for smaller sewing cabinets, however not really that thrilled with what I have come across. My sewing cabinet is great, so for the time being I will hold onto it and try to make it work.
Over the weekend I am going to shift everything around to see whether I can come up with a better layout. 
At the moment I am thinking to shift my sewing machine into the corner where the table is and place the blasted bookshelf on the other wall, together with a slightly smaller cutting table. 

Wish me luck...this is going to be very interesting.
On a positive note, given I am not quilting at the moment, the house has never looked cleaner...have done all the floors, the washing plus the folding, cleaned some windows...will have to stop this as it is becoming increasingly obvious where  and on what I usually spent my time on ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜œ


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  1. Always interesting to try a new layout in our sewing rooms. I'll be curious what you come up with. Have you considered using EQ software to setup your room and furniture to move around for different layouts ? I've ended up with my sewing table in the middle of a room and all cabinets on one side, thus I have a sizeable space to walk around the back side of my sewing table w/chair and a smaller space on the other side which is essentially my cutting space. For me, it has worked pretty well.


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