Wednesday 30 September 2020

9 Patchalong Finished

I have been largely missing in action. Had some problems with my machine which put me a bit behind.
Have not kept up with Tuesdays either for the To Do List Linky or the the Longarm Learning Linky that I usually participate in.

Anyway, got sort of back on track and just made sure that I kept up with my blocks for Natalia Bonner's 9 Patchalong. Did some more work on it on the weekend and finished off the last block today.

These designs look so easy but some of them were quite challenging as my quilt had started to compact a fair bit and trying to align the ruler got just that little bit harder. Put piano keys around the border which I usually love doing but  when it was finished I thought that this was a bit of a fail. Looks all too uniform as my loops are also about half inch apart. Would have been better to insert an additional 1/8in of a line in between but now I am just not feeling it anymore and decided that this is finished. Will be a good reminder to pay some attention to this in the future.

This stitchalong was really good fun and I did enjoy having to stain my brain to follow the stitching paths for the blocks that Natalia demonstrated in her various videos. Felt in the end that I was getting better at this but I guarantee you that next time I will equally struggle to work out a stitch path. 
I decided to participate in Natalia's next quiltalong 'Let's stitch a year of stars which begins at the beginning of the new year. Purchased her piecing workbook, selected some fabric and now need to sit down and actually construct the blocks. This will take me a while, but hopefully I can knock this off over the next few months.

Linking up to Rebecca Grace Quilting to participate in the weekly Longarm Learning Party

Rebecca Grace Quilting

Also linking up to Free Motion Mavericks (hosted by Muv of Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing and Andree of Quilting and Learning - What a Combo) who celebrate their 300th Linky Party.



  1. Hi Karin, I see what you mean about the borders but it does look like it was a great learning project. Good luck with the construction of the next quilt along. By the way, Free Motion Mavericks is hosting a special 300th post party that just started. Please check them out and link up! Both Muv and I are hosting this one. Take care.

    1. Hi Karin, thanks so much for linking up to our 300th party!

  2. I think your 9 patchalong quilt looks GREAT, Karin ! Lots of work in the border, it looks uniform and wonderful. Do you use a long arm? I use a sit down LA machine.

  3. I don't know, Karin -- I see what you mean about the spacing similarity between your piano keys and wishbone loops in the border, but it's actually kind of cool and if you had DELIBERATELY tried to do it that way, it would have been so difficult to get the spacing to look like that. So I see straight line piano keys that then twist inside the scallop, with spacing and angles that is remarkably consistent all the way around the border. Maybe not what you intended for this particular piece, but it could be really stunning if you did that deliberately on another quilt, especially one that had a strong modern vibe with lots of negative space. I think the quilting on each of your blocks looks great and yes, I do know how hard it is to line the ruler up accurately to stitch out "simple looking designs." You hit this one out of the park! Thanks for linking up with Long Arm Learning!

  4. I am doing this quilt along too. Just ordered the rulers and have a QOV complete just waiting. It will be a good study in using the rulers.


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