Saturday, 9 January 2021

Plugging Along

Very hot over here today. Fur Baby is completely knocked out

I am currently working on three projects all at once. Why I would have thought that this is quicker I shall never know. Everything seems to be taking so much longer!

Natalia Bonner 'A Year of Stars' Quilt
Made good progress and then discovered that I did not have enough backing (or wadding for that matter)! So had to wait a moment until I got to the shops to get suitable backing, then wash it...finally ready to put it together
Will wait for the weather to cool down a bit before I baste this together, then start on the stitch-in-the-ditch quilting in order to catch up on the quiltalong.

Pastel Quilt
Also coming together and will probably finish this today. A bit undecided whether I should put some applique shapes on there. This is just for freemotion quilting as I have not had anything to quilt on for the last 3 weeks!

Incidentally, my Superior Monopoly thread cone arrived in the mail and I can report that the Bernina Q20 just runs beautifully with it ...had no issues at all.
Actually hardly had to make any adjustments at all other than loosening the top tension a bit. 
Initially was going to go for Aurifil Monofilament thread but could not find it anywhere in cone format in Australia. Will have to wait until we (hopefully) have some Quilt Shows again and see whether I can grab it then.

New Pattern
Almost done...will have all of the blocks finished this weekend and will just have to work out what dimensions I make the borders. Thinking of offering the pattern in multiple sizes...
Still a fair bit of work to do before this can go up in my little Etsy shop, but at least the piecing is almost over.

Still feeling incredibly productive 😄


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  1. I think your multi-tasking is a key reason you get so much more done than I do. Your projects look lovely, but I'm eager to see your "A Year of Stars" being quilted this year. Going to be lovely and what a fun opportunity to build on your amazing FMQ skills.


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