Tuesday 23 March 2021

Natalia Bonner's 'A Year of Stars'

Finished all of the framework for the sashings and borders. I do not have a huge curve ruler (Natalia used a huge curve for her quilt), hence I used my Pro Echo #12 ruler to put the scallops into the border. That was challenging enough! In the end I just made it fit. Not ideal as the curves were slightly different all over, but in the end I doubted that this would feature much. Having done this, I  realised that my curves were too shallow for putting feathers in there, so I had to come up with something else.

Decided to put Ribbon Candy in there which looks very nice indeed. Ribbon Candy has become one of my most used designs. So very versatile.
Then I went on and filled the remainder of the border with Stacked Swirls.  Look at that texture!
This was a bit of work but I thought that this was the ideal piece to further practice the design.
Stitched this out in a day and today started to fill in the sashings of the first completed row with pebbles
That's it, will now wait to complete the next three stars on top of this row to fill in the next section (I am trying to avoid uneven compaction as I go along as that makes it harder to quilt your designs out. 



  1. Absolutely stunning! Love the ribbon candy in those scallops!

  2. You've done an absolutely stellar job! Are you working on a domestic or long arm?

    1. Karin recently upgraded to a BERNINA Q20 sit-down long arm machine.

  3. This came out fantastic, Karin! I especially love your stacked swirl quilting in that outer border.


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