Thursday 1 April 2021

New Pattern - Wooden Blocks Quilt

Finally managed to complete my little colourful quilt for the Etsy shop. Took way longer than expected.

And wow, yes, it is very me!

Might have overdone the colours a bit 😂 but I like it and have spent the last week writing up the pattern. It looks super simple however has some partial seams in there which took a moment to put into graphics. Apart from that it is just putting shapes together, so very simple to construct. What I like about this one is that it is really quite versatile, i.e. if you don't feel like half square triangles, you can just leave them out and put squares instead which makes it even quicker. A good quilt if you need to gift something in a hurry. I put the quilt top together in a weekend. 

This is the same quilt with just squares...obviously a bit more restrained in terms of colour but great way to use up some of your favourite scraps.
I used the same edge to edge design on the colourful quilt...really enjoy doing that one. Easy to do and gives such a nice texture.
The quilt measures 36.5in x 45.5in...nice size for a playmat or comforter.
So, onto the next pattern for me. While I was doing this, I already worked on another two pattern. I am on fire this year!

Given that this is my only finish for the month it is also my favourite for a little while. Linking up to the monthly 'Favourite Finish' held by Meadow Mist.



  1. It is such a bright and cheery pattern! Congratulations on taking your idea all the way to a pattern! I hope many people will make your pattern!

  2. This is darling. I've been building block towers with grandchildren for the past 5 years. This looks like one of our many creations. I love it!


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