Saturday, 3 April 2021

A Year of Stars with Natalia Bonner

Have absolutely nothing to quilt at the moment so finished the Mosaic Star for the month of April...I have got Natalia's Companion Workbook which details one of the options for quilting out the stars. For further options you will have to join Natalia on Patreon which I did not do, but obviously there are many different ways of stitching this out.

Anyway, here is my Mosaic Star for April

Enjoyed this one but made a few mistakes, i.e. not stitching in the ditch around some shapes which you can see are puffing up a bit, but otherwise was relatively painless to stitch out...almost managed to stitch this out in one hit.

I then did the centre of next month's star
Love this! Really enjoy this motif with the added echo around it. Will keep going a bit and then continue on filling in the sashings.

Need to find something else to quilt in the meantime...maybe its time for another wholecloth! 



  1. Your Mosaic Star is beautiful. I feel so sorry for you (not) that you have nothing left to quilt. Shall I send you about a dozen of my UFOs that need quilting? LOL! I think you need another wholecloth project asap.

  2. Your quilting is wonderful! I like the movement the lines give to accent the blocks! I look forward to seeing what ends up under your needle next!


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