Thursday 3 June 2021

A Year of Stars with Natalia Bonner - Joyce's Star

This month star is Joyce's Star.

This star was a bit more involved so I did it in sections, slowly but surely. Very enjoyable if you don't do all the pebbles at once. Not sure about you but I quilt pebbles relatively slowly. I have to concentrate otherwise I do wonky shapes and loose my way, so I took my time with this one.

Again, really enjoyed this one, although I am not sure I would quilt something as densely as that. Makes the block fairly stiff...however looks great quilted out.



  1. Your pebbles are awesome! Yes, they take a lot of time to quilt and yes, the density of them make the quilt stiff in that section, but, they are worth all that because the end result is beautiful!

  2. Really looks spectacular. Perfect pebbles.


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