Tuesday, 10 August 2021

A cute little quilt

I bought a couple of baby quilt panels when I went to the last quilt show. Apart from being really cute, I  find them really useful to practice designs on and they are also very handy when you need a baby quilt unexpectedly.

For this little panel I decided on the clamshell design. I used the Handiquilter Multi Clamshell tool for this.
The panel I used is smallish, so this time I marked a 4in grid over it only to realise after that I was going to have only half of a clamshell on each side of a row. So in reality I did not follow my grid at all but used the ruler to keep my design straight and in line with the clamshells underneath. For this purpose I extended the center line of the biggest clamshell right through the writing of the ruler as I needed that line to align the clamshell to the one underneath. Given this was such a small quilt, this worked very well and I more or less stayed on target. A little bit of fudging was needed here and there when some clamshells seemed to become slightly larger...in that case I just stopped in the center of the clamshell and slightly shifted the ruler over to elongate it a little bit. This worked well and there is no way that you could tell this unless you went ahead and measured.

This was incredibly quick to execute...took me just a few hours and it was done.

I would have liked to find an orange binding that matched the border in the quilt, however no such luck, so in the end I decided on the green binding which I think goes quite well.

Bit cloudy today, hence the photo got a bit dark.

Here is a close-up

The clamshells are 2in x 4in which seemed an excellent size for this project. Quilted with a yellow Aurifil 50/2 thread in top and bottom.

Too cute!



  1. Really sweet quilt and the clamshell motif works perfectly for it too! I love it. Just looks so comfy, cozy and full of love.

  2. Quilting clam shells with rulers is not as easy as it looks -- but yours look fantastic! Nifty little ruler, with all of those different sizes!


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