Tuesday, 31 August 2021

New Listing In ETSY Shop

Quite excited about this new pattern in my Etsy shop. Was a lot of fun to make and came out really nice. The patchwork pattern consists of two alternating four patch blocks, constructed in bold tone-on-tone fabrics to emphasize the twirling motion of the blocks. I called this quilt the 'Twirlygig' Quilt in reference to a fun children's craft activity where colourful ribbons attached to a stick or similar, are spun around and twirled to create interesting movement and patterns.

The quilt as displayed measures 40.5in x 48.5in and I spent the last few days on including two additional sizes - Toddler and Square (receiving blanket) quilt in the write up. 

How did I come up with this pattern? The quilt is made up of two alternating four patch blocks in a horizontal layout, one of which is the Woven Ribbon block that I used years ago in one of my first baby quilts.

Always liked this quilt, but do not have it anymore as it went as a gift to Germany. Since then I have 'played' around with the block in the EQ8 program and designed several like quilts.

In looking through the program one of these days, I came across the new Twirlygig design and for the life of me could not work out where I got the second block from...was not named or labelled! Very sloppy on my part, however I eventually worked out that I had used a feature of the EQ8 program (Serendipity feature) to change a common block. The resulting block lend itself perfectly to creating the seemingly twirling motion of the quilt blocks. I liked the look of that and a new pattern was born. It is not difficult to make, uses basic piecing techniques, however accuracy is important on this one for the two blocks to seemingly merge together.

Had some fun with the photos again...finding all sorts of 'forgotten' props. Almost identical in colours!

That's it from me today...will have a break and get back to freemotionquilting the rest of that charity quilt that I started the other day.


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