Friday, 4 November 2022

To Do Tuesday - 1/11/22

Here are my goals from last week:
πŸ“Œprepare another Mini Wholecloth using a dusty pink fabric with a slightly stronger thread that will hopefully show up a bit more; this is for the workshop next year...I might change the fillers a bit from the original one to see what that looks like.
πŸ“Œstart work on a new pattern; this pattern was supposed to be for Christmas and I will get it's just a bit on the late side, but so be it. Need to get this out of my system so I can start on something else.
πŸ“ŒIf time allows, continue on my cat blocks.

Did manage to start another Mini Wholecloth
I changed the layout slightly, made the frame around the heart a smidgen wider and quilted the feathers in a more playful way. I forgot to mark a grid around the hearts, so I think I will just micro-stipple that. at the moment it is just sitting there as I am a bit undecided what to do next. Quite like the hearts 'fat' like that and am just pondering.

In the meantime, my show quilt has finally been handed in. the quilt show is next week, so that should all be very exciting. Have not been to a quilt show in a very long time. Looking forward to the shopping mall (even though I really do not need anything...famous lat words!).

Also made a start on a new Christmas pattern which I am really a bit late for but it has to be done. This pattern is a bit special, as it is a drawing from my daughter when she was very young. Already then a clever little entrepreneur she did not give me that pattern for some the time I was writing patterns for magazines and that meant that you gave up the copyright to a pattern to the magazine. I did not mind that much as I was paid for the patterns, however my daughter did not want to lose the copyright to her little drawing. It took another few years before she granted the copyright to me when I started to sell patterns on the internet myself. This Christmas we were both looking at the pattern and thinking...would that not be cute if we gave it a Christmas theme and here it is...the Christmas sheep
Currently doing the applique and going around this with a zig-zag stitch. Bit out of practice but I am sure once I done it a couple of times it will be fine. Planning on 3-4 sheep for a table runner. Have a nice black Christmas print for the border, so the whole thing will just focus on the sheep. Very cute, however in terms of Etsy and their Christmas marketing way too late...I will probably finish this by the end of November, but it's can just sit there on the Etsy shop ready for next year.

πŸ“ŒFor next week I will just concentrate on the sheep to get all the blocks ready to be put together. Realistically that is all that I am going to achieve

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  1. I love your little Christmas sheep and the story behind it! Your "fat hearts" and feather quilting look wonderful as well. Have fun with the quilt show!

  2. Your wholecloth is gorgeous!!! And what a sweet sheep.

  3. Karin, that wholecloth is just beautiful! Love the little Christmas sheep, and I look forward to seeing more of it. Great story about your daughter. :) Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!


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