Thursday 27 April 2023

To Do Tuesday #17 - Working Away

The weeks are going so fast!

My tasks from last week:
- cut out the fabric for a new pattern for my Etsy shop (sewing machine has been for a service and is working well again)✅
- work on another table runner pattern, i.e. draw out the main elements and think about proportions✅
- transfer my 'formal' table runner to fabric and make a start in stitching this out (fabric is already washed and ready to go)✅
- maybe baste the last charity quilt?

A productive week, even though it did not feel like it.

I made a start on my 'formal' table runner.
Felt great to be quilting something again. I am using cotton batting which I have not used for a while. It is like stitching on almost nothing. I am stitching with Aurifil 50/2 with a 70/10 needle in a wine red colour to make life a bit more interesting as I usually stitch in lighter colours. The darker colour makes it very hard to see what my stitching looks like, so I am getting a bit excited for the time I can take the blue marker out. I am stitching in manual mode and yes, this table runner is a bit tedious. I literally stitched heirloom feathers for hours...very therapeutic though and thoroughly enjoyable to me. Have not done this for a while and it almost feels like therapy. There is something incredibly calming about just slowly stitching the same shape 100 plus times.
It is also interesting to stitch this to see how my drawing on the Ipad went in terms of size, shape and some of the angling of the plumes. As I went along I could see where I did squash my feathers  up a bit when I needed to adjust the wave in the outer feather. Also, it is a good idea to draw all the feathers on the same day...or make a mental note on how tall and wide you want your feathers to be. I noticed that my top motif had slightly different feathers...they were slightly slimmer and actually better drawn out which made sense as that motif came from my other wholecloth drawing. On the tablet they did look the same, or so I though, but stitching them out I did notice that slight difference. Something to watch out for in the future. Overall I am really happy with how this is turning out though.
Started outlining the motif and the feathers and then moved onto the grid. Still debating whether to fill the center or leave this plain. Time will tell.

Apart from this I did design another, more organic table runner and will see what the sewing shop thinks of that for a workshop. Also managed to cut out the fabric for another quilt for the Etsy shop. Did a few trials of half square rectangles as I had forgotten how to do them properly. Thank God for the internet! There are some very good tutorials out there. Nothing to show yet though as I have not put any blocks together. That will be next week's task.

So for next week this is on the list
- sew some blocks together for the new pattern, actually start with the 10 easy four patch ones!
- continue stitching out the formal table runner
- discuss the organic table runner with the shop
- baste the last charity quilt.

That's it, realistically I will not get more done as I also got a few other things on this week still. Nevertheless, I am happy with my progress and feel I am getting back into the swing of things after a few weeks of just floundering.

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