Tuesday 11 July 2023

To Do Tuesday #28 - Continuing Scrap Quilting Adventure

The last two weeks were unbelievably busy with errands, household chores and adult kids coming and going. In addition, our local quilt show was on last weekend which was an extra outing on top of everything else.

So I did not get as much done as I had hoped. My list from 2 weeks ago was:
- continue to sew those strips together until I have got enough to make a quilt top. I am approximately half way through on both stacks of blocks, so this should be do-able✅
- start on quilting another of my table runner wholecloth quilts
- start writing up my new pattern (this will take a few weeks but I have to have this on here, because I am definitely procrastinating)
- continue knitting my second sock - struggled through the beginning again but am on my way now).

My scrap project went completely bananas! As explained earlier I decided to use up the bulk of my strips to make some scrap quilts...and then I found a stack of  Charm Squares. So all told I am working on three different quilts. Made some progress on the first one, but let me tell you how much I got out of my scraps first. I am embarrassed to say that out of the strips that I already had and another stack that I cut to size for this project I made two stacks of strip blocks. I had
- 92, 3 strip blocks (each strip at 2-1/2in) and 
- 72, 4 strip blocks (each strip at 2in).

… and I still have strips left over! It is absolutely insane how much I have accumulated over time. I only stopped as I was running out of certain tones, as I sewed my strips into dark, medium and light arrangements. Interestingly, I ran out of 2-1/2in strips in the light range as opposed to the dark tones in the 2in strips. Also discovered that I obviously like orange...I had so many orange strips which was a bit of a surprise.

I am working on the bigger quilt now and have started to put the blocks together
This quilt will be 9 blocks x 10 rows, so 54in x 60 in. Not that interesting in terms of layout but if nothing else it will just be very colourful.

The other quilt will be 8 blocks x 9 rows, so 48in x 54in. 
In this arrangement I sewed dark, light, medium and dark together and will probably have one block facing horizontal and the next block vertical. 

Both quilts will be gifted away to be used as throws, in the car or whatever. My Charm Square quilt will be challenging. I started to work on that as well, sewing together light and dark squares but struggle with nothing going together as the fabrics has been collected over many years. I've got children's print, reproduction fabric, solids …all sorts and it is hard to overlook this and go for an uncoordinated look. We'll see.

I did manage to write up my pattern for my Etsy Shop
The alternate block is the Fancy Foot block which I really like, particularly in bright, near solid fabric. Very eye catching. As this blocks involves making half rectangle triangles the write up was a bit more involved and I included some photographs as well as lots of diagrams on how to do this. The PDF pattern includes two sizes, one square baby quilt and one crib size baby quilt ( will need to do another blog post as I ran out of time to post about the new listing).

And then there was the quilt show. Happy to say I did not buy that much. Just bought one new panel and then also 2 growth chart fabric panels. These are good little projects for listings in my Etsy shop when I am running out of juice in terms of coming up with new exciting patterns 😆 

Also continued on my second sock. It has been just as hair raising as the first sock. I thought that I would retain the information a bit better but again had to watch my instructional video several times as I could not remember how I did knit sections in the first sock. Also did a fair bit of research into the sizing of socks and how to go about adjusting the sizing to your particular foot. I am a bit hooked, I must say and I do intend to knit another pair after this lot. Very addictive! 

So, for the remainder of the week I will try to do the following
- finish off my sock
- write another blog post on my new pattern which I did not get around to this week
- make a start on the wholecloth table runner as I do need to start preparing for a workshop in September; maybe just get the basting done at the very least.
- continue sewing my scrap blocks together ... no hurry, as this will take a while I think

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  1. You are one busy lady, Karin! I love your new pattern. Great job on using up so many scraps so productively -- every time I set out to make a scrap quilt I end up chopping into my stash of FQs and half yards to supplement the variety of my scraps and by the time the "scrap quilt" is finished I have twice as many scraps as I started with. And I am so impressed that you are knitting socks! That is just magical from my perspective of total ignorance!! Can't wait to see and read more about them!

  2. I always am short of lights and darks. . .seems like my stash is full of medium value fabrics! I like what you are doing to manage your scraps!!!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  3. That is amazing how many strips you ended up with to make those blocks! Well I liked your new pattern so much I bought it, along with a couple others. You have really pretty patterns in your shop!


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