Thursday 14 September 2023

To Do Tuesday #37 - Re-Emerging!

I missed a few Tuesdays in a row due to an injured shoulder. Really struggled with that and in the end had to really not do anything much. Went to physio and in the end to the doctor as the pain was just a bit much. Got some tablets which helped to settle it down a bit.

My list from a few weeks ago was:
handstitch the binding to the table runner to finish that off.
- pin and baste my other scrap quilt ready to be quilted, and
- probably just relax a bit (strained one of my shoulders a bit and will need to go a bit easy on the quilting for a moment)

I did finish the table runner binding, but have shown that table runner now several times, so I'll give that a miss.

I was in the midst of my second scrap quilt when my shoulder went out. Today was the first day where I quilted again for a couple of hours. Got two more rows done and am nearing the end.

A close up. As you notice one can hardly see the quilting. On this second scrap quilt, I used a rust coloured Aurifil 50/2 thread and it just blends in. Had a fair amount of thread breakage as well which was a bit odd, not something I have experienced with Aurifil thread a lot. In the end I thought that it most likely has to do with the drag of the fabric. The quilt is fairly wide and even on the big Koala table it pulls at times when you do not pay enough attention to it. Very frustrating, but I am on the home run now.
Stopped today as my shoulder was beginning to ache again, so will do another two rows tomorrow I think. Need to take it easy as I need my shoulder for my workshop which will start next week! 

Apart from that I knitted another sock. Also not good for the shoulder but I had to do something! Took it easy and it turned out fantastic. Looks as if I have got an enormously long foot but this is a size of 9-1/2. The ribbing makes it look as if it is gigantic...too funny!

So, for the remainder of the week I will concentrate on
- finishing the quilting of the scrap quilt and if time allows, sew on the binding (which is already sewn together)

After that I will need to sit down and re-plan what I am doing. I have several projects lying around, a lot more in my head and then there are also some charity quilts that need quilting. I do need a plan...these few weeks of inactivity have completely thrown me out of whack.

Linking up to To Do Tuesday #37 (even though it is a bit late by now) over at Quilt Schmilt.


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  1. Sorry about the shoulder. Both of mine really give me serious pain off and on (previously had a calcium deposit with a partial tear and then frozen shoulder followed). I'm pretty close to just asking for shots of cortisone. We just shouldn't have to put up with the pain. I have 3 quilts that need binding but boy that can really aggravate them.
    I did finally get my knitting out--hoping to finish some old WIPs first but maybe I'll get some socks made at some point. Yours is lovey as usual!


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