Tuesday 19 September 2023

To Do Tuesday #38

My list from last week was rather small, i.e.
- finishing the quilting of the scrap quilt and if time allows, sew on the binding (which is already sewn together)

I did finish the scrap quilt

and the back...
This certainly has taken much longer than originally planned for! However, I am really happy with it, as this is all leftovers. The scraps are from my scrap collection which dates back sometimes by as much as 10 years. That's why I like scrap quilts. When you put them together you come across fabric that you used years ago and think about what you pieced together then. The backing was also pieced together from fabric out of my stash that also has been sitting around for years. Obviously liked it at some stage...but not so much now as my taste seems to have changed over time. This has a bit of a country feel to it, so suits this scrap top quite well. On top of that I was able to piece together some batting, so also used what I already had. The binding was also already made...cannot remember when I used this last, but must have mis-calculated the binding requirements by an enormous amount, as I had enough left over to bind this entire quilt.
Now I have to handstitch this to the back and then it's done and ready to be gifted.

That was all I had on my list due to a shoulder issue which I am still a bit careful about. Definitely better though, so for next week I am planning to 
- finish the handstitching of the binding on the scrap quilt
- baste one of the little charity quilts ready to be quilted,  
- maybe continue on my cat quilt from ages ago, and 
- continue on my knitting projects in the evenings.

Also still need to make a plan for the next few months on what  FMQ project to do next because you can't just have one project to work on 😄. First though, my workshop is coming up which will run over the next three weeks keeping me somewhat busy.

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  1. I really like your scrappy quilt! Happy stitching!

  2. That is a great scrappy quilt. Lots of colors to look at! Good for you, pircing backing and batting ! A win-win situation. Take care of your shoulder!

  3. Such a wonderful scrappy quilt. I love that you used scraps from 10 years ago.

  4. Your scrap quilt is great! I really like the simple design with all the different fabrics.

  5. I love coming across older quilts (Oh wow! I forgot about THAT quilt!) too! So fun. Great scrappy quilt!

  6. I love scrappy quilts. Yours is great.


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