Friday 14 September 2012

More FMQ Practice

I finally found some Isacord thread in one of the shops here...a few selected reels were on special as they are stopping to carry it. The woman advised that Mettler Polysheen 40 was pretty much the same thread (and according to her comes from the same factory), so I got them both to have a bit of a try. I wonder whether this is correct...will have to research this a bit more.

Anyway, just was practising a bit more today...

Worked a bit more on the spaces and found it much easier this time around. Went back earlier several times to fill up the spaces ...and ended up with less odd spaces. Not that you would really notice over a larger area. I think I prefer to leave little triangle spaces in between and will concentrate on this...filling them up with lines looks a bit wonky in my pieces.

Wiggly Paisley - how cool is this?
Doodle with Isacord

Colonial Vine Motif - maybe for the Hexagon table runner?
Like the Isacord thread. Very easy to work with and has a lovely shine to it. A bit thicker though to what I am used to. I often use Aurifil 50/2 or Rasant (particularly for practising). As to the Mettler Polysheen 40...yes, behaved pretty much the same and also easy to work with.

Until next time



  1. How stunning! All of them! I love your doodle on the purple. Awesome!! I <3 Isacord thread :)

  2. Yes, it is a great thread, much softer and more shiny to what I am normally using. A bit hard to find here though hence would involve an internet purchase. I am going to a Machine quilting show here at the end of September and will have a bit of a look around what's on offer and (more importantly) at what price.


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