Thursday 27 September 2012

Quilt Along #32 - Snake Paisley

This week's design at  Leah Days Quilt Along Wednesdays  was Snake Paisley. Felt a bit encouraged by Lava Paisley and went straight to it.

and close up of the back:


This was much harder than the Lava Paisley shape for me. I had to really concentrate on the curvy lines ...a bit reminiscent of the sharp stippling shape. The more I concentrated the more I got into trouble with very odd situations in between and lots of backtracking. Got there in the end though...will have to practice this to get a bit more of a flow happening.

Overall though really happy with my FMQ efforts...FMQ has become so much easier and as always learning a lot about what designs sit well with me and what designs appear to need a bit more re-wiring.  Funny also that some designs that I think will cause me great difficulty flow like a dream and then there are some, like today, which I thought would be no problem at all, cause all sorts of issues.

Until next time



  1. You did a REALLY beautiful job! I, too, had to travel back to weird areas. I don't know what it was about this one.Looks can be deceiving on how difficult it may be.

  2. Yes, agree. Tried the pointy one and got into even weirder areas.

  3. It really pops on the back of your quilt. It looks great!

  4. Yes, noticed this too the other fact, some of the designs look much better from the back than they do from the front.


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