Monday 17 September 2012

UFO Sunday #4

It has been a busy week and I have not had a chance to do much on my UFO/WIP. So, apologies for the same old's kind of a bit boring, but forces me to continue. I reckon this one could have easily ended up on the UFO list again if it was not for UFO Sunday.

Anyway, I did manage to sew my border on and get my hexagon table runner basted. While I was doing this I I thought more about the quilting...very confused re what I should be doing. My idea of outlining the seams is ok but I really don't feel much like doing that.

This is what happens ...I come up with some ideas, get very excited about them only to go back to the more familiar designs that really don't challenge me that much. Hence, I then think...hmm...too boring and go back to some more exciting ideas and so the whole thing starts again...going around in circles and losing a fair bit of momentum on the project. I wonder whether other people suffer from this annoying indecision syndrome...

I can't believe how I am dragging my feet with this. Anyway, here is the basted table runner ready to be quilted.

I chose cotton particular reason other than that I had the right leftover piece just sitting there. I do tend to vary my batting, depending on what I am working on and by now have tried wool, cotton, bamboo and thanks to Leah Day's Quilt Along Wednesday also Polyester. Table runners often will end up with what is left over from the bigger pieces.

Just reading Leah Day's post on UFO Sunday talking about the fear factor...I think that this is what is happening to me at the moment. The fear of completely stuffing this annoying and so unreasonable. It really does not matter whether or not it turns is not a gift, nor will it ever see a show or similar...I really need to get over this.

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  2. Karin, Your post indicated that you actually can not quilt it "wrong." If this were my quilt, with my current FMQ beginners skills, I would pick two designs, an easy Loopy line, for the printed area, since it will not show up much, and a more showy one for the borders. The current paisley designs would work well...or something else you are sort of confident in doing. To quote an old ad "just do it."
    It is a beautiful quilt.

    1. You are absolutely right with your 'just do it'. I started this morning with the simplest of them the moment just lines across, maybe moving on to a grid. I think I was complicating matters in my head.

  3. I know how you are feeling. I often feel stifled when I am not sure how to proceed with the quilting. I feel like if I pic the wrong design I will ruin it. You could always follow the pieced seams, and ten do something cool and exciting in the borders. It will come to you!

    1. Yes, you are right, it did come to me...done some simple lines across working up to a grid. Will do some pretty border design and then it is done.

  4. I understand your feelings completely. I have the worst time trying to decide on the quilt pattern.....I don't rip out quilting already done! One older quilted advised to quilt what you wanted others to see....meaning quilt heavily in the areas you don't want to "shine". Looking forward to see what you decide to do.

  5. Reassuring that other people have similar difficulties...I did start this morning...going back to the simplest of designs, just lines across working up to a grid. I am happy with that...for me this needed a simple design over the hexagons. For the border I have already picked a simple continuous line design, so fingers crossed everything should work out fine.

  6. Karin, Love how your table runner is turning out.
    Actually, I have only 4 UFOs/WIP and rest all of them are tons and tons of fabrics with quilt patterns for each one of them.

    I think I have buying too many fabric syndrome. May be they all should be considered UFOs too. Not sure why I don't stop buying.

    We all have to get past this and finish our UFOs. Good luck!

    September 19, 2012 11:58 AM

  7. Yes thanks...I have not been too bad with buying fabric lately after some stern self-talk as my stash was getting out of control. I am now trying to buy as I need it. Of course now and then I still break down for this 'had to have' piece of fabric (that usually does not go with anything else).


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