Tuesday, 28 May 2013

WIP: Colour Adventure Almost finished

Well, the main quilting is done. Can't believe how long this takes. I like the way it turned out, warts and all...


 Trying to photograph the back...it is astounding how this animal comes out from resting to sit on quilts just when you are ready to take a photograph.
Here is the back ...might hang it up this way. Love it.
 I was considering jazzing it up a bit with some unobtrusive hyperquilting. This could be fun or a complete disaster. So I quilted inside the plumes in the second border with the purple thread used in the inner border. Given that this is such a colourful quilt I did not want to overload this...I was hoping that the purple in-lining might just take some of the stark light thread a few notches down.

As you can see you can hardly see the in-lining (such is the power of light thread). A higher weight thread would have been better, I think. Well, never mind...maybe next time. This is just for me and the in-lining is part of practising the plume shape. I cannot recommend in-lining your plume shapes enough because there is simply no better way to do the same shape over and over again. When this is finished I will have done the plume shape and the movement, rhythm and speed that goes with it about 800 times.

Initially I thought about quilting inside the plumes of the yellow star, but I am having second thoughts here as you would only really see the hyperquilting...now that might look a bit odd on the light background.

Oh, decisions, decisions...

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  1. Ooooh Karin, that is LOVELY! I particularly like the curvy feather bit in the smaller border. Very interesting so I've pinned it for future reference. Thanks for sharing!


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