Friday, 19 July 2013

Feather Frame done

Quite pleased with the finished frame. The design is loosely based on a motif that I found at Forest Quilting by Patrice Trnka Adams (2007). The original design is called the Memories Motif.

Mine turned out a bit different obviously as I  re-drew the design to fit my quilt adjusting the curve as well as the size and shape of the individual plumes. I find it easier to do my own plume shapes than follow a given design as everyone has their own way of drawing (and stitching) feathers. By drawing them myself (and doing about 10 different versions of them) I arrived at a design that had the plume shapes that I am used to and I noticed that when I was stitching them that I followed the same way of stitching them every single time as this was also the way I had drawn them. This made the job a lot easier. The only other challenge was the size of the plumes...some of them were a bit larger than what I usually do and needed some added concentration to not veer off every now and than which is very noticeable on the dark solid fabric.

I will now embellish the feathers with some hyperquilting to make the frame a bit more visible. This should be good fun.

Wondering and would welcome some feedback on whether to stipple the puffy bit in the middle and on the sides down to make the feathers pop out. Had not really considered this before but looking at it now, I think it might need it. Will do the hyperquilting first and then re-look at that.

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  1. Wow, your quilting is so fantastic.

  2. I think you are right about the pebbling. First wait and see what the hyperquilting looks like!
    Your work is awesome!
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  3. Your quilting is beautiful!! It looks so perfect! Not sure about the stippling. Look and see what the hyperquilting looks like.

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I love how the hyperquilting in different colors is making that center circle pop. As for stippling the background, yes, that could work, but here's another suggestion: you have such a beautiful movement with those feathers, why not mark out lines radiating from the center (think a sun effect) and then quilt within each "ray" with different background designs? Stippling and Paisley are both great designs to try and they look very different from one another and will create a beautiful contrasted effect on the surface.

    That's my 2 cents! However you quilt it, it's going to be wonderful!


  5. I love how the quilting is the focus when you use a solid fabric. I agree that you should wait and see how it looks after the next step.

  6. Your feathers are so beautiful and perfect. I love it. I also liked it how you started with a heart in the corners to branch out to feathers.

    Micro-stippling the puffed area sounds good and that will definitely enhance the appearance of feathers more. Also if you like you can try the tiny pebbles. I have seen in some quilting and love that effect too.


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