Sunday, 7 July 2013

Can't Help Myself - Another Project

Started another project as I was missing FMQ. This rate I am not going to get a a pieced quilt done any time soon.

As I have been posting before in March of this year , I am still watching my Patsy Thompson DVDs and learning heaps. I cannot recommend those DVDs highly enough. Check out Patsy Thompson's website for tons of inspiration. Actually just looking at her blog now...creating a feathered frame for her quilt block (a wreath). This is actually what I am thinking of doing, although I am not so sure I can pull this off as there is a fair bit of mirroring involved.

While I have been playing and trying out different things, I thought that I might as well do a simple wall-hanging similar to some of the ones I have seen on those DVDs. I absolutely love the repetitive rhythm of feather quilting and having a couple of borders will allow for some wavy feather arrangement. Picked out my favourite solid, a type of maroon colour and just did a simple inner border in a greyish colour and presto, I had a blank canvas. Initially I was going to use my trusted Golden Threads Quilting Paper again to stitch out the design (i.e. stitching over the paper), however decided to do the marking a bit differently this time (mainly because the motif was over 10" and I thought that this might become a bit tricky with the paper trying to get that to sit neatly in the middle of my square.

So, I traced the design onto the Golden Threads Paper and then stitched over the paper (with a bigger needle) following the lines without a thread in the machine. Here is a close up of the perforated paper. This is fairly neat as you can also use this to make multiple copies of the same motif...just make yourself a stack of squares, pin them together with your drawn motif on top of them and stitch through all of them at the same time.

Paper Stencil

Anyway, I then positioned my motif in the middle of the quilt top (bumpy side up) and used my Quilt Pounce. You are supposed to just gently glide the Quilt Pounce over the whole stencil.

As you can see I overdid the chalk component a little bit...I reckon just going over it once would have been sufficient and definitely no patting the Quilt Pounce (mine was too saturated). Nevertheless I was impressed with this and stitched out my motif . This worked very well. I was not overly concerned re the chalk...had used it before and knew that this would just disappear with a bit of steam.

Stitched out Motif
Oh, glorious fun...doesn't this just beckon for some jazzing up! I am planning to do some hyperquilting in the outside plumes and to also try myself at putting something in the spine. I am using Aurifil 50/2 as always...I love that thread and so does my terms of colours I am limited to what I have at the moment. Probably will use a type of gold colour and some musty pink.

Linking up to FMQ Friday with Leah Day at the Freemotion Quilting Project

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  1. You are quilting twice this way, but it pays off! Perfect quilting.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm struggling with feathers :(

  3. Your feathers look perfect! I might try Patsy Thompson's DVD's. I've heard good things about them but it means more to me coming from you.

  4. It is a wonderful feather, I am a bit jealous over here! ;-)
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  5. Your free motion quilting is always sew perfect! It is obvious that you really do enjoy!


  6. Wow! This is an amazingly cool technique! I had not heard of Pasty before, but will be checking her out for sure. Thanks so much for sharing the link and the art!

    FYI - I moved my blog which means my bloglovin feed has changed. If you follow me there, will you update your feeds?


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