Saturday, 21 September 2013


Had a bit of a hiccup with my binding.

This is a direct result of my impatience...did not line up the stripes when sewing the binding together and thought I would get away with it. When I had finished sewing the binding on and stepped back to look at it, I thought that the mismatched stripes were a real distraction (duh!).  One mismatch I could have probably gotten away with, but all of them really hurt my eyes.

So, off with the binding! Seems I am doing lots of things twice lately.



  1. Awww.... That is a bummer, Karin. But better to redo than have it bother you. It is the perfect shade of blue in the stripes. Good luck with round two!

  2. Oh, oh! I think you are right to redo it. I hate knowing that kind of thing on my own work will be seen for all eternity, and reluctantly make it right. I would like to suggest you do straight seams on that binding, instead of bias. Would be easier to match the stripes. If you trim the seams inside to offset the fabric edges, there is not as much bulk as you'd think, and people will never know where the joins are. That's what I'd do, anyway.

  3. Hate when stuff like that happens. We're so critical of our own work. That would be the first thing I see if it was my quilt. I'd fix it too!


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