Saturday, 7 September 2013

FMQ Motifs

Still working on my WIP: Playing with Colours. Decided to place a simple heart design in the white spaces.

Initially I was going to use a filler for the entire white section to emphasize the strippy appearance of the quilt. However, I believe that this quilt would have ended up being somewhat unevenly quilted unless I then also went into the coloured blocks. In the end I decided to keep it a bit simpler and just use this plain heart design. This is one of the few commercial stencils that I bought some years ago and this is the first time I am using it for an entire quilt.

This actually looks quite nice and does not overpower the quilt top but adds to the playful appearance of the design. I am quite happy with how this is turning out.

FMQ the motif was a breeze...yep, practice does pay off. I still remember how hard I found it to follow lines when I started out FMQ. In fact the lines initially seemed to be a major distraction and following became a bit of a hit and miss experience. This problem seems to have disappeared and I am able to quilt the design quite quickly.

The overall appearance of the quilt has remained soft and fluffy and is exactly how I wanted this to feel and as you can see it has that crinkly look about it due to the bamboo batting. If I was to make this quilt again I think I would use Wool batting to give it more loft...I generally like a bit more puff and less crinkles.

I am quite pleased though as I have not bought anything new for this quilt (except for the binding, could not resist to buy a little bit of fun binding to go with this)...these were all materials I had just sitting around here. Have I made a dent into my stash?, not really. Just need to keep working on it. I am getting a bit excited now...once this is finished I will get back to my Wholecloth quilt where I recently completed the feather frame.

Linking up to FMQ Friday at the Freemotion Quilting Project with Leah Day.



  1. So simple but so great on that quilt. Nice!

  2. Wonderful quilting. It is amazing how practice makes it easier. I remember I could barely quilt a 12" block, with a simple all over stitch, in one night. Now it's nothing.

  3. Que maravilla!!! te felicito

  4. Those hearts are sweet, Karin! Love the rainbow feel of this quilt! Good for you using from your stash. And thank you for buying something for the binding. It is sometimes part of the fun in making a project! Looking good!

  5. It's perfect! Awesome choice and really works beautifully.

  6. I love the motif you're using. It fits your quilt perfectly.


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