Sunday, 9 March 2014

EPP Linky Party

Well, not much happening Down Under. Did not continue on my TV project other than looking at it...

However, I did come across some more fabric on my regular exploration of the offers at the fabric shop. Have a look what I found in one of the sales bins.

Yep, another stack of Fat Quarters that matches the Fat Quarters that I already had. I paid $1 for this...can you believe it?

While that fabric has a more modern design to it, I think I can use some of those pieces to extend my hexagon project. You never know, I might want to make it bigger!

Am really busy at the moment with a host of other things, amongst them I also started a Dresden Plate project that turned out a bit more work intensive than I thought as I am stitching the Dresden Plate on by hand.

Also got side tracked with looking into the Accu quilt system...will attend a demonstration around this at the local sewing shop in April. So I am spending a lot of time researching this on the computer at the moment. As luck has it a friend lend me her Accu quilt Go Baby cutter (thanks Mhairi!) over the weekend to give it a try.
She has the hexagon die cutter. Comes in 3 different sizes and so I tried the smallest hexagons on some leftover strips of a jelly roll.

Look at these
I cut a stack of them in about 5 minutes. They will come out as 1"hexagons...this is very easy indeed and very accurate. I am quite impressed. However the whole affair is quite expensive if you want to acquire a collection of dies and I do think that for this to be useful you will need quite a collection. I am a bit undecided at the moment and will ponder re this little machine  a while longer.

Anyway, I am linking up to the EPP Linky Party at Splish Splash Stash. Hopefully I have got a bit more to share next time.



  1. I love the fabrics on your die cut hexies! these will make something very pretty. the grey and yellow ones are looking good, too. what a great price on that fabric find!

    thanks for linking up with In Hand EPP link party!


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