Monday, 17 March 2014

Local Quilt Exhibition

Went to a local quilt exhibition weekend before last. The group held their 12th Anniversary and celebrated in good style by putting on a small exhibition.

Very enjoyable as always to look at beautiful quilts and talk to like-minded people. Many quilters in this group are into hand stitching and I must say I did see some awesome quilts made entirely by hand. They even had an Australian Wagga quilt on display.

Also found some nice FMQ

This must have been done by a longarm looked very nice and I inspected it for a while.

Came across many more interesting quilts but I did not meet the people who made them and hence could not ask whether I could put them on the blog.

I did however meet Cheryl (remember Cheryl's quilt?...still have not finished it) who had one of her quilts on show. I thought I share this with you as I had not seen this before.

Cheryl's Chicken Scratch quilt

This is called Chicken Scratch embroidery. It is a lace like embroidery that is worked on gingham and seems to involve some basic embroidery stitches. I believe it is also called Depression lace or Amish embroidery amongst some other names. How effective is this ? Cheryl's quilt is entirely hand stitched and quilted. Must say I cannot imagine stitching an entire quilt by hand...just incredible.

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  1. Thank you for drawing attention to Chicken Scratch Embroidery; I've never seen it before so now I'm off to Google search for more information. I agree it's nice to visit local exhibitions and see other people's work up close.


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