Friday, 3 October 2014

Australian Machine Quilting Festival 2014

The Australian Machine Quilting Festival has been in town from 1/10 - 6/10/14. Find the blog HERE.

Have been looking forward to this...spend the whole Saturday there looking at every little stall. Great fun! A lot of classes with great teachers were offered over the days that the festival was on however I decided to just enjoy the exhibit and look at the stalls.

Photographs were permitted for personal use only, so I will not be showing the photos I took of some very impressive quilts, however here are some shots of some of the quilting designs that caught my interest..

This is a filler design that I would love to be able to do

Impressive Plus!

Loved this

Great background

Very effective filler for the wreath
 Needless to say, I spend a lot of money on bits and pieces...bought some Aurifil thread, Golden Threads quilting paper, Accuquilt Go Cutter Dies (ouch!) and various other things.

They always have a very good book stall and I found Angela Walter's new book...yah!

I also have her first book 'Freemotion Quilting' and highly recommend her books. They are easy to follow and the instructions are very detailed and lend themselves to both traditional as well as modern quilts.
And as luck has it, there is a section on hexagons in the book which is handy as I still need to finish off my 99 hexagon quilt. While I had a design in mind, the book has just given me an extension of my idea...

However, the most exciting thing was that I found the Pfaff Freemotion Ankle. Now this was a surprise...I had been looking for this over the Internet for some time and was going to ask my local sewing shop about it. As it was, my sewing shop had a stall and they already had them in stock. But more on that in another post...

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