Friday, 3 October 2014

Taking the plunge

Spring is in full swing
Happy to announce that I have finally taken the plunge to enter one of my quilts in the Annual Festival of Quilts Exhibition part of the Craft & Quilt Fair that runs here in November.

I have spent the last few weeks sewing up a sleeve for the quilt and going through that handbook trying to figure out all the different labels that I needed...must admit I did get very anxious looking at my quilt as I could see all those little faults but I was determined to make this happen. It's does not matter that it is a simple straightforward quilt and not one of my bestest pieces...this was one of those things that has been on my list for a very long time. The anxiety around that is really quite amazing.Have not been able to work on anything else.

Made a mental note not to use a quilt again that had a black border...spent days on going over that with a lint roller to make it as clean as possible. Did not help that I had some bearding happening as well. Anyway, handed it in yesterday at the monthly Guild meeting.

This should be interesting.

Now that this is out of the way I have several things that need finishing:
- the 99 Hexagon quilt: found a great backing piece and just need to put the three layers together

- the Plus quilt is ready for quilting: decided to do a simple meander over it. After much thought I came to the conclusion that that is the texture I want for this, even though it probably is a bit boring
- working on writing up a pattern for my Dresden table runner
- have a new design worked out but am still looking for some background fabric



  1. I'm sure your quilt will look lovely at the show! Only you can see those small imperfections! You sound like you have lots of projects going but making great progress!

  2. Congratulations Karin for being brave and entering your quilt! I really admire the work other people put up for us to look at, I really hope it all goes well and maybe you will get a ribbon!
    I am loving my QE 4.2 she is a beautiful machine
    Best wishes
    Wendy Ryan


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