Thursday 20 November 2014

99 Hexagon Quilt Finish

The 99 hexagon quilt is finally finished. It's getting a bit boring now as it is the same quilt over and over again, but one can't hurry these things and life has been extraordinary hectic around here lately.

Here it is

The quilt turned out approximately 41" x 45". I must say it has grown on me over time and I quite like it, even though it is a bit bright and full on. I absolutely agonized over the border quilting and in the end ended up with putting simple lines in it. I did think this through and had to concede that any other more detailed quilting would not be seen. For a moment I thought about outlining the flowers but decided against it as the scale is quite smallish and did not go with the more geometric nature of the rest of the quilting. So, lines it was...

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  1. It is lovely! Congrats on a beautiful finish.

  2. Looks great, love the colors too! You should be proud,

  3. Stunning- what a great finish!

  4. This is so nice, Karin! I think the straight lines for the border were a great call. I also really like the petals you quilted in some of the hexies. I haven't made a hexie quilt yet - definitely something on my future project list. :)


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