Wednesday 20 May 2015

Am I killing my quilt?

Honest opinions sought...

Started the FMQ of my Field Guide quilt. After some prolonged pondering on the matter, decided on an overall design as the quilt itself actually looks quite busy.

Choose a fairly common design which I found in Christine Maraccini's book 'Machine Quilting Solutions'  under the name of Heat Wave pattern. I think this design runs under various names.

There is really no trying out the design for a bit to see what it looks like and then maybe changing your mind (although I have done this before) either go for it or not. I decided to give it a go, seeing that the quilt would not be a heirloom but just a humble lap quilt to put over your knees in winter.

So, made a start and  did not really stop until I had quilted about half of it. Needed to concentrate to get into the swing of things, but also because I have a slightly more puffy batting this time and was in danger of creating puckers when coming too close with the individual hooks.

Well, here it is
Is it just me or have I quilted my quilt away? This photo was taken in front of the window, so I got a really good look at the texture.

Next photo taken in a different room with the texture not quite as prominent.
This is better, but now I am a bit worried...although not much I am going to do about it at this late stage...will continue with it and hope for the best.

The pattern looks quite nice close up, but yes, very textured.

Hmm...not sure

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  1. Your FMQ is just beautiful! It is prominent but I think it will look wonderful when finished!

  2. I am liking it a lot-just remember how much it will change when you have it all quilted and then when you bind it. I think it will be great!

  3. I like the texture very much, and I definitely don't think you've "killed" your quilt. Since the colors and contrast are very subtle, the texture becomes an important design element, which I think enhances the quilt very nicely.

  4. I like the quilting but can see why you are questioning it. I guess it will depend on how it looks fully quilted. It may not be the quilt you imagined but that doesn't mean it won't be successful.

  5. I agree with Kaja. It will be lovely, but maybe not what you had in mind. Oh how I dread choosing quilting patterns. I am always terrified that I will kill my quilt! In the end, it is never as bad as I fear.

  6. You are doing a beautiful job with the heat wave pattern and I think it suits the quilt. Good choice.

  7. I see your hesitation as well because the quilting is quiet prominent....but less so in the middle picture. I agree with Kaja that it will be successful but different.

  8. I think it is just perfect. The contrast between the angular geometric and the organic heat wave works well!
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  9. From reading all the comments so far.... I'd say you have your answer, Karin. The quilting does look fabulous!

  10. I think the neat thing about quilting and quilts is that they do look different under different light conditions. That keeps them interesting, and I think that's fine.

  11. I love it! I think it looks great. I love the texture. You must have chosen a good thread color but it doesn't really show up. I think you'll love it when it's all done.


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