Sunday, 3 January 2016

Excitement Plus

If you followed thequiltyarn on instagram you would have seen my Christmas present to myself that arrived just a few days before Christmas...

Well, when the package arrived (must say, the US postal service is amazing) I wrapped up the package in Christmas paper and put in under the tree to be unwrapped on Christmas day even though I was busting to open it. This was a lot of fun...

Here it is...Cindy Needham's Stencil collection (have a look on her web site if you have not seen them before)
The Ultimate Stencil (circle and square)
Ultimate Background Stencils
 There are 20 stencils all told, six of which come in three different sizes

Papa, Mama and Baby size
Now just have to work out how to store them...I could hang them but my sewing room gets full sun in the afternoon and I do not always remember to close the curtains and have nearly buckled one of my mats just lying on the ground (we are talking about 40 degrees plus here). If I want to hang them I will need new hooks on the wall that does not get the sun. Anyway, at the moment I am keeping them in the package they came in...very sturdy and flat.

I think I will start trying out a few stencils on the panel that I acquired at the last quilt show.

I could put the twisted grid in the top part (or maybe use several at once?) and use the medium sized clam shells in the black part... so many choices!

There are a number of  short You Tube videos on Cindy's web site where she demonstrates the use of them and also shows how she quilts some of her more involved fillers. Very informative!

What a great time saver this will be. Very happy with my purchase.

And here for a Christmas present that I did not buy myself
How cute is this owl?
I saw this at the last quilt show and absolutely loved it, even though it appears to only make this one shape...while you can use it to make the owl, you can also use it to make different types of animals like a pig, a racoon, a frog and several others. Too cute! I will start with the owl, I think...perfect for baby quilts.

Anyway I am back to my Baby blocks quilt...



  1. Wow the stencils look amazing. Lucky you what a great christmas present to receive lol.
    Happy New Year

  2. What wonderful Christmas presents! Let me know how they work out for you. I'm sure you'll make beautiful projects with your new stencils.


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