Monday, 25 January 2016

First Finish for the Finish Along 2016

Bit of multi-tasking going on. While working on my other quilt, I cut the binding for this one and finished it off.

My first finish for the FAL2016
Whole Cloth inspired by Patsy Thomson 34.5inx34.5in
Love the back of this quilt
The FAL certainly gave me renewed energy to finish things off. Even attached a sleeve and hung it up. I found this beauty amongst the Christmas decorations in the cupboard. I remembered that I had not been happy with something and had put it away. Looking at it now, I struggled to find exactly what was wrong with it...

When attaching the binding, I remembered...apart from some design and technical issues, this quilt was bearding like there was no tomorrow. Not entirely sure why...maybe the backing was too low in quality...not really sure. Overall though, a really nice effort. I started this late 2013 and finished the quilt top in the beginning of 2014 when I had gone through all of Patsy Thomson's Freemotion Quilting Fun with Feathers DVD's, applying the things that I had learnt and trying out some pretty specky in-lining of the feathers. I then microstippled the surrounds. Can you believe it! I think I chose microstippling as I was not really confident to do anything else at that stage. Now I would put some gridwork in the background, I think. This really shows the continuous learning that occurs with FMQ.

Very happy with the outcome.

This is the first finish for the FAL2016. My original goal list is HERE

2016 FAL

Linking up to Eleven Garden Quilts for the 2016 FAL Quarter Link-up

Back to the baby quilt...



  1. Dear Karin,
    A wonderful Wholecloth! I think I love the back more than the front. ;) looks amazing!
    Greetings, Rike

  2. Really beautiful wholecloth indeed!! I prefer the backing too! Love that delicate stitching and the back shows the thin lines more. I must try something like that too.Thamks for sharing.

  3. It's beautiful Karin! Yes I love the back too. Sometime It's the better side :)

  4. Really beautiful finish Karin. It's amazing what you find in the Christmas decorations!! The FMQ curve is certainly continuous and it is amazing to follow our journey.

  5. This is so beautiful! I love it and am so glad that you've experienced a renewed energy to finish things! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  6. Patsy Thompson is inspiring and I think you executed her designs beautifully. Congrats.


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