Sunday, 28 February 2016

Third Finish for the FAL2016

Finished my Japanese Panel (Robert Kaufmann - Imperial Collection). The panel itself is beautiful and I used it to play around with my new Ultimate Background Stencils from Cindy Needham.

In terms of process this seemed pretty simple, just mark it, quilt it! The stencils of course made this very easy and quick to do...what I did not count on was the effect of the grid quilting on the rest of the panel. As I was quilting along, I realised that the trees started to puff out and needed some attention. So, what started out as a pretty straightforward task turned into much more intensive quilting...I went into each tree and loosely followed the clams that were already in there which took a bit of time. Also realised that the cranes needed outlining which I ended up doing with a gold thread...again, nothing major, just all took a bit longer than expected. The other thing that turned out a major hassle was quilting with a black thread on a black background...impossible to see properly even with very good lighting!

Must say that I was bored with this seemed to stifle my need to freemotion quilt...somehow I found it too prescriptive to follow the contours of the the end I had a section left in the middle which I freemotion quilted with a design from Leah Day's blog... 'Sharp Stippling'...well, it was supposed to be Sharp Stippling...not sure I got that right. Never mind, looks good anyway and on the black background it translates to just texture.

Took the completed piece which will become a wall hanging (still need to attach a sleeve) for a bit of a photo shoot this afternoon. Found a really nice spot in the neighbourhood reserve with an old wooden picnic table...perfect for photographing quilts! And bonus...involves a bit of a walk to get there, so exercising ticked off at the same time.
Cranes In Flight 23in x 41in
 Another shot where you can see the quilting a bit better
All quilting done on my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 using Aurifil 50/2 thread in various colours
I used three different types of grids in the panel
- the Twisted grid placed in a vertical orientation
- the Clam Shell grid and
- the Three Lines grid on the bottom

Apart from that there is some Sharp Stippling in the middle and some pebbles in some smaller areas on both sides. All in all I think that this all works well together.
I really do like the Three Lines grid on the simple, but so effective. This will be so useful for borders. It gives this really definite texture.

So this is my third and final goal for the FAL2016 with a month to spare. My original goal list can be found HERE.

2016 Finish-A-Long

Linking up to Eleven Garden Quilts for the 2016 FAL Quarter One Link up

Obviously have not got my timing right in terms of what I can achieve however wanted to go easy and not make it not attainable...I had said in my first write up that I would start tracing my Wholecloth project onto fabric if there was time left over, so this will be my next task. I am actually quite chuffed with my progress...if it was not for the FAL2016, this would have definitely not been completed by now.



  1. What a beautiful panel!! I think your quilting fantastic, worth all the effort. Congrats with this amazing piece and beautiful pictures.

  2. Karin, it looks awesome, I am impressed!! Love that bordered treatment too. Congrats on meeting your goal so early-it feels great I bet! I have 2 left.

  3. Lovely finish. I like the trunk too. You are lucky. May I see the back of quilt sometim please?

  4. Looks great and what a great place for the photo shoot.

  5. A lovely finish that you should be proud of. Great work.

  6. So lovely - Thank you so much for participating in the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of the 2016 hosts!!


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