Friday, 17 August 2018

1000 Pyramids Quilt

I am not posting a lot because I am still working on the 'blasted' 1000 Pyramid quilt, This was not one of my brighter ideas...taking forever and is actually quite hard as I have a lot of bulk to contend with as the quilt is very large. On the plus side, I am surprised how easy it is to push a large quilt through the throat space of the HQ Sweet 16. Had I chosen an allover design, I would have had this finished in a flash.

This is how much I have got left
Does not look a lot but there are about 5 rows left to do on that quilt. Each row takes me about an evening to complete, so not really that bad, except that motivation is by now down to zero.

Even though consistency is sadly lacking a bit it looks quite nice and is definitely the right design for this rather colourful quilt
I don't think I will do this again in a hurry, however after this I can confidently say that trailing off a ruler is a thing of the past...definitely got that down pad and also have been able to speed up a bit so that it is going slightly faster. The biggest issue has been the alignment of the rulers with all the bulk around me and the holding of the ruler. Overall, happy with the result though, just need to get some discipline happening now to actually finish this off!



  1. Liebe Karin,
    du kannst stolz sein, auf dieses tolle Ergebnis. Ich bin beeindruckt, denn ich habe auch noch vor, mit Dreiecken zu arbeiten und evtl. einen Quilt daraus zu nähen.
    Herzlichn Glückwunsch zu diesem tollen Quilt und auch das Quilting gefällt mir sehr.

    LG Klaudia

  2. Vielen Dank Klaudia...hoffentlich kriege ich das jetzt bald mal fertig. Bißchen zu groß geworden!


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