Thursday, 30 August 2018

Onwards and Upwards

My 1000 Pyramid quilt is finished...I am currently sewing on the binding.

This was a very long and arduous journey. I think that I started this project about 2 years ago and it was always in danger of becoming an UFO.  In case you were wondering how I handled the bulk I have got photos showing the way it was situated at varying stages.
Initially I quilted away from me with the bulk sitting to the side.

As I advanced, the bulk became harder to handle and I had to switch things around quilting either sideways and in the end towards me. 
You can see that I also had it more folded in the I went along and came towards half way folding it in an accordion style proved to be the best way to keep the quilt from dragging as the whole lot had become more firm and harder to handle. Some quilters use a suspension system for their bigger projects...obviously a good idea, however I have never looked into this because I do not usually do big quilts like that.

Well, this was a bit of an adventure and I am over the moon that it is done. One more photo to come of the quilt all finished with the binding and that is it.

After this, I treated myself to a new Accuquilt die. When my little wholecloth quilt recently won first prize in the quilt show, I got a gift voucher to my favourite sewing shop. I took my time in deciding what to get as I wanted to spend it on something useful, so I started to look at the Accuquilt dies. I have got quite a number of dies, however have in recent times decided to get dies that make my life easier. So, rather than going for those really pretty and amazing 'one-off' dies, I am now tending to buy those that I will use all the time. Had not looked at the strip dies before because they are a bit expensive, however with the voucher was able to get myself a rather huge strip die. 

3, 2 1/2in strips on the die. Nowadays they have an added feature of having angled guides marked on the die, so that you can cut squares and diamonds at varying degrees. Bonus!

Used this on my binding strips for this quilt...needed a total of 9, 2 1/2in strips.
This was so easy and quick, just putting it through three times and done...I am always surprised at the absolute accuracy. Totally straight and perfect!
Should have invested in this years ago.


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