Tuesday 13 November 2018

Ruler Practice Quilt #2

Having some fun with the rulers of the Handiquilter Ruler of the Month Club 3

My favourite so far, the Petal Pusher

Has a leaf shape and a rounded petal shape

Simple, but lovely little motifs for Charm Square quilts

I paid no attention to the size of the rulers that were going to be offered and constructed this quilt before I actually got some of the rulers. As you can see in the first photo, the shape is too big for a Charm Square, coming in at 4 1/4" square. This is where the Handiquilter Echo feet become incredibly useful. I used the 3/8" Echo foot and stitched out the motifs  bringing them to a size of 3 1/2" which was just right. Of course, you can also enlarge your motifs and put a circle in the middle which I did in the bottom left photo. Lots of different things you can do with this one.

The Hexagon Ruler

That one is absolutely massive...
...and I struggled with that one. You can try to shift the ruler around to fit your hexagon in that space, but it is very fiddly and was a bit too much for my brain. Again I used the Echo feet, this time using the absolutely huge 3/4" one to get the size I wanted
The little hexagon on the top left is about 2 1/4" on each side. Back to the normal foot, I then tried the repeating lines...let's just say I struggled. Had a very hard time to keep this precise. After that I just played around which was much more fun and constructed the little star and the windmill just aligning the ruler to the crosshairs reference lines that I had drawn. That I found very useful as you can keep your angles very correct.

The Pillbox Ruler

Also very huge and I wondered what I was going to do with that one

Large ruler! Could imagine doing an overall design with that one, but wanted to give that a go on my little Charm Square arrangement to see what one could do with that

Very interesting line design in the above left picture. Easy to do as it aligns nicely on the 45 degree angle. Then I did a very fat petal shape with that, don't really like it but a good reminder that the rounded part can also be used for petals. The last one is an interesting design, again which could be changed by aligning the ruler differently. Well, who would have thought that one ruler can give so many different shapes.

Very interesting little exercise.


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