Friday 23 November 2018

Handiquilter Ruler of The Month Club 3 - 1/4in Line Grid Ruler

I already have the 1/2in Line Grid Ruler from the previous Ruler of the Month Club and it is one of my favourite rulers to use for piano keys, grids and straight lines.
Line Grid Ruler and Skinny Ruler
The one on the left is the half inch Line Grid ruler. The 1/4in one is just like that but with a narrower slot.

So I started playing with the 1/4in Line Grid Ruler
How straight and even is this! I would have no hope in hell of completing this with just aligning a straight ruler. You would not think it is different, but it is for me. This ruler forces me to stay on track and alignment is simple as you only can advance 1/4in at a time.

My ruler quilt is coming along...did some more work on the border painstakingly putting in 1/2in pebbles
Continued to play a bit more with this ruler but there is only so much you can do with lines. In the end I used it also to put in a line of 1/2in separating the border from the center. This worked better for me than just using the straight ruler as you are holding this ruler with both hands. If you are on the look out for rulers, I can definitely recommend this type of ruler.



  1. Good morning, I have recently up graded my machine from a Bernina to Pfaff quilt expression 4.2 and when on my computer found your blog by reading what you wrote in 2014. I have put your blog link on my blog. this has been very helpful. I have a few more lessons with my dealer. Happy stitching.

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