Sunday, 9 June 2019

Progress on Funky Bird Quilt

Almost done all of the birds
Little bit left on the last three and then I can get to cutting out the fabric for the piecing...bit work intensive but it will be very cute. This is what I am planning

How cute is this!
The block is called Fancy Foot and I first came across it  on a site which show-cased antique quilting blocks. Unfortunately this website is now defunct, but I also found this block in Maggie Malone's 5500 Quilt Block Designs. I constructed this four patch before and thought that this was the perfect companion for the birds.

Apart from that I am still in cleaning and re-thinking mode to make my sewing set up a bit more user friendly. I have moved my cutting table over into the corner and created some space for a potential extension flap for the Sweet 16...will trial this for a moment to see whether this works for me with the table.
This re-thinking has been such a brain teaser...really want to make do with what I have and make it work somehow. Ideally, you could get a height adjustable table, looking a bit like this and create one seamless surface when you need it for the Sweet16 and put it up for when you working on cutting out a quilt. This would be great but those tables come with a fairly hefty price tag, so my extension flap for the Sweet 16 is the cheaper option. Some of the items on the table would then move over onto the extended bit and my table would be a bit more empty when working on it.

Anyway, back to those birds!


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  1. What a fun quilt! It's adorable! I have a room upstairs that I sew in but I don't think of it as my sewing room. My longarm is in the finished basement. I feel like I'm scattered throughout the whole house!


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