Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Very Cute

So I managed to finish off all my blocks...
...and today started to put this together. Have to concentrate and go slowly as my piecing is never accurate, hence have to straighten and adjust while I go along.

Managed two rows today and am very pleased with how it is going. This is going to look ultra cute!
Already thinking ahead of the quilting and thought that I might leave it at a minimum level, i.e. outline the birds, echo the sashing and echo the foot shapes of the block (hmmm...not sure about that as they are all different colours!) and then just put curves in the middle sections of the Fancy Foot block. Alternatively I could do an allover design in a light yellow colour. Decisions, decisions...!

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  1. Looking at this makes me smile, just adorable!

  2. So fun and fresh looking, love the birds!

  3. So cute, with such bright colors, will make someone smile for sure.

  4. Those little birds are just the cutest! This is such a pretty happy quilt!

  5. I LOVE your birds! I would love to know how you made the 4 patch too!!


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