Friday, 3 July 2020

Noah's Ark Quilt Finished

I finally finished the Noah's Ark quilt

This was a lot of stitching but I really enjoyed doing this. So much so, I am thinking of doing my own applique quilt at some stage. This was just so relaxing, going around the shapes, filling in and highlighting certain sections. Lots of fun. It helped of course that this quilt particularly cute.

I was worried about the elephant section as the fabric bulged out a bit in that block, but funny enough that one went without a hitch. The giraffe on the other hand gave me a headache and a half. Really started to bulge out in all the wrong places...I ended up quilting a few more circles in that one to counteract this a bit. Did not get rid of all of it but it looks better than before.

Hopefully the owner will like it.

Well, onto the next project...our local Handiquilter group's task is to stitch a doilie down on some background. This should be fun 


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