Sunday 19 July 2020

Progress Notes

Working on my next project, the Lana Lemur quilt, a design by Elizabeth Hartman
Finished the markings on the quilt to give me a bit of a FMQ roadmap to follow and basted the quilt the other day. Was unsure for a while what to do in the lemurs, but divided in the end to put a 1in grid over I marked this in as well.
Much to my horror, I started on the grid only to find out that I had marked this all wrong...some of the lines were falling onto the seams. The seams in this piece are pressed open so this presented a bit of an issue. Was quite annoyed, as I had spent a lot of time aligning this grid in the best position, or so I thought!
Initially I was going to leave it, but today did a fair bit of unstitching...just cannot let this go. Fixed up one of the lemurs and will tackle the second one slowly over next week. Looking forward to quilting all that background down.

Apart from this, I have been piecing together a backing for another quilt I need to finish...thoroughly enjoyable!

This is for the ‘House Quilt’ that I did earlier in the year which was made entirely from scraps, so I thought it fitting to also piece the backing together. Used mainly blue and smuggled a few unwanted fabric pieces into that. No big planning involved, just laid out the pieces as best as I could to make the length and width that I needed. Actually turned out a bit too wide, so I will cut a bit off on both satisfying!

That’s it from me...back to my unstitching...


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