Tuesday 18 August 2020

Lana Lemur...Still Going

I took a break from my Lana Lemur quilt for about a week but got going again on it this week. Certainly one of my more crazy ideas...this is taking forever!

This is how far I got
So close and yet so far away. 
Like I said before Claudia Pfeil made this look very easy and relatively fast doing it on her longarm in her video Claudia's P(Fillers). I am really dragging my feet with this one. Not sure whether this is because I had no specific plan on how to go about it and have to frequently stop and think about what to do next or it just does take longer on a sitdown.

In thinking about this the last few days I thought that this approach to filling a background is maybe better suited to a longarm machine where you can see a section in its entirety rather than having it all scrunched up and going a bit more blind...not sure about that one. I found that as I was going along switching from one design to the next I was often not looking at the overall picture and some of my transitions are not that great because of that. I thought that it would be easier to have a whole section in front of you to really concentrate on making a visually appealing transition. Could just be that I am a bit tired of it.

Never mind...it will get done, just have to make a concentrated effort this week. Got a few more circles left and need to find something to fill the circles with which should not be too difficult. Just looked a little bit earlier on  Natalie Bonner's Let's Stitch A Block A Day series which is an excellent resource in terms of designs to use for blocks. Will try out a few of her designs in the remaining circles. Also have a few more lines to quilt which should reduce the area to be quilted significantly, so hopefully I can knock this off this week.
Some close ups

Not too bad...I quite like my little circle motif between the lemurs...very puffy.



  1. This is looking so good, Karin! This is one quilt where slow and steady wins the race, which is exactly what you are doing.

  2. It's filling in nicely, Karin! Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  3. I think it looks great, Karin! But I understand what you mean about not being able to see much of the whole while you’re quilting sections of it. What if you marked out some approximate section boundaries with a blue washout marker, and then marked just one swirl or circle or whatever in each one while you have the whole piece spread out on a table where you can see the whole thing? Then you’d know what you wanted to quilt in each space and perhaps feel more control over achieving the balance that you want. But if you hadn’t told me you were struggling with that aspect, I’d never have guessed it. I really like what you’ve quilted so far! Thanks for linking up with Long Arm Learning!

  4. Really nice quilting. So varied and with creative and thoughtful placement of elements.

  5. I think it is stunning! I know what you mean by stopping and having to decide what to do next. I spend so much time doing that.

  6. Hi Karin, what an amazing quilt. From here it looks incredible! I really love your circles and the lines radiating from them. Thanks so much for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Your quilt will be featured next week when it's my turn again :-) Take care.


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