Wednesday 2 September 2020

9 Patchalong with Natalia Bonner

So I made a start on the quilting of the 9 patch quilt that we are going to use  for Natalia's 9 Patchalong.

As I am quilting on a sitdown machine I thought it best to put in the frame of the sashing design (this will still be filled in later) and the border scallop before we get to quilt the blocks. This is to avoid the compaction that occurs when quilting...I did not want my sashings to bulge out which would make ruler work more difficult. The design looked easy enough and I thought that I would get this done in no time at all. The aim of the game was to focus in on accuracy!

Well, let's just say I was challenged...I forgot how hard I find curves at times, particularly when dealing with an unruly quilt.
The scallops were an absolute breeze, the sashings not so much! I am participating along using my own rulers rather than Natalia's series of rulers.  I knew this quiltalong would be a great learning opportunity. I had to look at my curves and decide which ones to use. This was really quite interesting...I have the small set of Pro Echo rulers (plus the Pro Echo 8 and 12) from Lisa Calle. 

Really like these rulers and have used them on a quilt before. However, now I had to decide which one fits best into the spaces that I had and I found myself really inspecting them and thinking about which ruler would be most suitable for what, looking at the markings and how this would align. Ended up with the Pro Echo 6 and 4 for the scallops, the Pro Echo 7 for the blocks and the Pro Echo 8 (not part of the set) for the sashings. 

After I completed all of this I started on the bonus blocks at the bottom.

 Again, looks simple enough but some concentration was needed when travelling around the block in the ditch. I am using Rasant thread in a light gray colour. Discovered that I need the ditch in front of me or on the side if I wanted to keep the ditch quilting neat. Also, exploring my new stitch regulation on the Capri. I found that I need to increase my tension for the stitch regulator...don't really understand why that is but it definitely featured. If I leave the tension where I have it set in Manual and switch over to the regulator with the ruler, I would have a little bit of flat lining on the back. Not too bad, but enough to notice. So, I did a lot of tension testing throughout

Maybe my tension is not set correctly for either? Will have to ask about this in our local HQ group...thinking that it may have to do with the speed as I normally quilt quite slowly (in Manual) however when I use the regulator I do quilt a bit faster.


  1. Those scallops are gorgeous and so are the vertical sashings! I'm enjoying watching all the fun designs you are using in the nine patch squares!

  2. Those scallops are so well done!!! You're doing great with all the variety of FMQing!!!

  3. I'm not familiar with Rasant thread -- can you tell me more about it? Cotton or poly, does it have a sheen, and the thread weight? It looks great against your purples. I think your sashing looks really good, too, so not sure what was giving you trouble there. Thanks for sharing which rulers you used. I so admire your beautiful little swirly curl fill and your feathers, too. Thanks for linking up with Long Arm Learning!

  4. Wow!! You are doing some incredible work, Karin!!


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